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Training Methodology

Training Methodology

LNG Academy mission is to provide QUALITY and world class learning experience at affordable cost. At LNG Academy, we provide world-class training with a wide range of courses designed to equip professionals with the real-world skills and knowledge required to be effective at their work.

To maintain the quality, efficiency and optimum learning we have fixed our batch to 25 participants only.

Our each program and topic is developed by an expert speaker. Which is further reviewed by Program Director and Subject Mater Expert.

LNG Academy is located at Kochi terminal wherein the biggest USP is having a running LNG regasification terminal.

Classroom training still is the most effective mode of delivery but what we offers a hands on experience of an running terminal.

The moment a participant sent their ‘Registration Form’ their training starts by aligning the presentation as per the participant background.


Pre test and study material


A well formulated study material and pre test is shared with the participants before hand so that they can be familiar with the general overview.

Training collaterals


A training kit is designed with necessary collaterals to assist the participants.



All the seasons are taken by seasoned professionals with the mixture of Classroom and Practical briefing.

LNG Demo


The uniqueness of having a commissioned plant helps us to give a practical experience to the participants. We have prepared an LNG demo to give the general idea of LNG, how it looks and feel. So that participants can be familiarized with LNG as a product.

Majority of participants were seeing the LNG first time even after working in the industry for long.

A senior participant once quoted “Even after working for more than 3 decades in the LNG shipping industry, this is first time he is seeing LNG.”


Q&A Assessments


A course examinations and assessment Q & A sessions is done to ensure that participants have benefited from the training.



A feedback is a very important aspect of our training program. We encourage each participants to share their experience, which helps us to enhance our benchmark.

Certificates of Participation and Excellence


Participants depending upon the test evaluation is awarded with a Certificate of Participation or Excellence as evidence of course mastery.

Center of Excellence : LNG Academy